A note on Christianity Today’s call for the removal of a president

In my very first post on this site, I wrote about the dangers of the politicization of American Christianity, its impacts on Christian witness and the need for an in-house debate among Christians about the matter. That discussion, it appears, is underway.

Just days after the impeachment of President Trump, the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today published an unexpected article highlighting what he considered the immoral conduct of the president and calling for his removal from office. The article crashed the magazine’s website and elicited both positive and negative responses from Christians across the political spectrum. All were passionate.

Following the response, the magazine’s president published a piece unequivocally stating that he believes the “alliance of American evangelicalism with this presidency” has damaged Christian witness both domestically and abroad. He noted the dangers of the hyper-politicization of the American church and reminded Christians that their unconditional loyalty belongs to God alone. He then invited all Christians to the table to continue what, if correctly handled, will be one of the most consequential debates in American Christianity. 

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