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*”International Cooperation” in the Socioeconomic Rights Discourse: A Critique [COMPLETED WORK (seeking publisher)]

Central African Republic Establishes Criminal Court (International Law in Brief, April 22, 2015)

US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal in Alien Tort Statute Case (International Law in Brief, April 20, 2015)

UN Partners with International Sports Organization to Address Transnational Organized Crime (International Law in Brief, April 15, 2015)

Former Blackwater Security Guards Sentenced for Iraq Killings (International Law in Brief, April 13, 2015)

ICTY Upholds Sentence of Bosnian Serb Army General (International Law in Brief, April 8, 2015)

UNHCR Publishes Recommendations to Address Challenges in Asylum System (International Law in Brief, April 6, 2015)

WTO Appellate Body issues Report on U.S.’s Anti-Dumping Measures on Shrimp from Vietnam (International Law in Brief, April 7, 2015)

ITLOS issues Advisory Opinion Regarding Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated Fishing Activities (International Law in Brief, April 2, 2015)

Palestine Joins International Criminal Court (International Law in Brief, April 1, 2015)

Cambodian Tribunal Charges Former Khmer Rouge Member with Crimes Against Humanity (International Law in Brief, March 27, 2015)

Egypt Court Annuls Decision Designating Hamas a Terrorist Organization (International Law in Brief, March 27, 2015)

Security Council Adopts New Resolutions on Libya (International Law in Brief, March 27, 2015)

Permanent Court of Arbitration Finds U.K. in Violation of Convention on the Law of the Sea in Chago Archipelago Case (International Law in Brief, March 27, 2015)

Human Rights Council Adopts New Resolution Creating Special Rapporteur on Privacy (International Law in Brief, March 26, 2015)

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia Sign Nile Dam Agreement (International Law in Brief, March 23, 2015)

Russia Signs Integration Treaty with South Ossetia (International Law in Brief, March 20, 2015)

Poland Court Clears Soldiers of Violations of Geneva Conventions in Afghanistan (International Law in Brief, March 19, 2015)

UN Human Rights Council Releases Report on ISIL Abuses in Iraq (International Law in Brief, March 19, 2015)

UN Adopts Agreement on Disaster Risk Reduction (International Law in Brief, March 18, 2015)

U.S. Federal Parole Board Clears another Guantanamo “Forever Prisoner” (International Law in Brief, March 5, 2015)